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Recent Holy Spirit News

12 Ways to Know God - Peter Kreeft

Prophecies from St. Peter's Basilica in 1975

Prophetic word from Anne Shields in 1988

1998 Pentecost by JP2 - To the Ecclesial Movements (Watershed Address for the Church)

What we can learn from from what happened at Azusa

Cantalamessa on BIS

Christian Meditation Document by Vatican
EVANGELII NUNTIANDI (On Evangelization In The Modern World) - Pope Paul VI (1975)
Encyclical on the Eucharist - 2003
Joy and Revival

Justification by Faith

Let's Fix the Engine - How to Renew Your Parish (Very good for Pastors)

New Age Reflections by Rome
Propostions from the 2012 Synod on the New Evangelization

Perfect Fear Casts Out All "Luv"- Peter Kreeft

Redemptoris Missio - By JP the Great (The Church is in a permanent state of mission)
Archbishop Rylko's 2006 Address to Ecclesial Movements

Tips on Holding a Revival Meeting

WTC Reflection by Ralph Martin

Verbum Domini - Apostolic Exhortation on the Word of God

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